Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Servicing

Is your air conditioning system having issues or in need of repair?

If this is this case we now offer our brand new air conditioning service, providing the remedy for your air conditioning unit.

Our services consist of a thorough air conditioning diagnostic to find any faults that may be causing your air conditioning system to not function.

We also provide a pristine air conditioning servicing, carried out by our fully trained and skilled team who deliver to a professional standard consistently.

What makes us stand out?

Our air conditioning services are not just the simple re-gas and job done. Our services contain 3 main tasks that we complete to a high standard every time.

  • Fault Finding: This is part of our diagnostic process, we run many thorough checks to ensure that we identify any potential or current faults within your system.
  • Air Conditioning System Repair: We also provide an affordable and professional air conditioning system repair service. All of the repairs are carried out by our highly trained staff and experts in the field.
  • Gas and Oil Replenishment: We also remove the gas from your air conditioning system and refill it with the specified amount of high quality gas and oil.

If you don’t know if your air conditioning system is functioning correctly or are in need of a service or repair, please contact us so we can arrange an appointment!