Looking for an MOT in Loughborough?

As a driver and vehicle owner in the UK, ensuring you have a valid MOT certificate is one of the most important responsibilities. Without this you could receive a fine of anything up to £1000. It’s a legal requirement for every vehicle on the road and definitely isn’t worth the risk. If you’re looking for […]

Terraclean in Leicestershire

Get more from your vehicle with Terraclean in Leicestershire. With rising fuel costs, everyone wants to save money on petrol and diesel, whilst increasing the performance of your car or van. Improving fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and restoring your MPG (miles per gallon) with Terraclean in Leicestershire is the way to do it! What […]

New Website Launch!

This launch of our new site has a broad range of features to give much more accessibility for you to get in touch and find out more about us. Our pages provide useful information on each of our specific vehicle servicing departments and what we do for you here at Carillon Services. A few examples […]