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Remap Your Car For More Power in Loughborough

Most cars these days come with standard restrictive elements and limitations that make the car able to be driven on the majority of roads throughout the world. However, with the roads in the UK being slightly better than many others, it makes these limitations often quite unnecessary.

If you’re looking for a better driving experience and want to remap your car for more power in Loughborough, then Carillon Services can help.

Not only will a car remap ensure that your vehicle is working to its full capability, giving you the best possible drive going, it will also maximise the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and performance by modifying the engine function, removing those restrictive elements and limitations.

Engine Remapping Specialist Loughborough

As well as having a team of fully trained and professional staff we are now able to offer Monster Tuning – the ultimate performance enhancer for your vehicle. Through this bespoke tuning package we can rewrite your engine’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) for fuel efficiency and added power. And all of the work we undertake is carried out to an extremely high and professional standard, giving you the very best possible driving experience.

The available Monster Tuning options from our engine remapping specialists include Save Fuel Monster Green – to save fuel and improve the performance on turbo diesel engines; Optimised Monster Orange for turbo diesel engines to get the ultimate combination of fuel economy and power; and Bespoke Monster Black – for vehicles that are used for moving and carrying heavy loads as well as diesel and petrol engines that require a bit more power.

We are your engine remapping specialist in Loughborough!

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