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Carillion’s Top 5 Winter Vehicle Checks

Sadly, it has to be said that we are seeing the last of the summer. Loughborough is getting frostier every day! What’s even more troubling, is the fact that you’re even more at risk of breaking down in the winter. This is without mentioning the increased likelihood of long delays, which definitely needs to be […]

Why Your Car Needs an MOT

Let’s face it, owning and running a car can be an expensive thing to do. From petrol to maintenance and servicing, car tax to insurance, there’s lots to factor in when thinking about the cost of getting on the road. And, with the busy lives that we all lead, it can also be difficult to […]

Looking for an MOT in Loughborough?

As a driver and vehicle owner in the UK, ensuring you have a valid MOT certificate is one of the most important responsibilities. Without this you could receive a fine of anything up to £1000. It’s a legal requirement for every vehicle on the road and definitely isn’t worth the risk. If you’re looking for […]