MOT Loughborough

MOT Loughborough

Looking to get an MOT in Loughborough? Carillon Services offers comprehensive tests for all vehicle types which are regulated by the Good Garage Scheme. This means we adhere to a strict code of conduct, working to an Industry Standard Service Checklist, so we only deliver the most professional MOT service.

So why do I need an MOT?

Many people question why they need an MOT every year, especially when their vehicle appears to be working fine and hasn’t broken down or been involved in any accidents. There are multiple reasons why an MOT is required by law, and also why it’s a sensible measure to be put in place.

The main reason behind an MOT is for safety. Every year there are thousands of car accidents caused by vehicles lacking a valid MOT certificate at the time. These occur because faults a driver was unaware of, become major problems on the road and can lead to severe outcome such as complete loss of car control. Most people only view their car from the surface, so any of the inner faults go undetected, sometimes when it’s too late. When an MOT check is conducted a vehicle is checked to make sure it is roadworthy and that there are none of these undetected faults looming under the surface.

An MOT is also required to make sure a car is running to environmental standards. Cars contribute considerably to the amount of greenhouse gasses we omit into the atmosphere. However a car that is not running correctly can pump out substantially more emissions if it is left unchecked. This not only makes it’s inefficient for the driver with extra petrol cost, it is also damaging to environment and so part of an MOT check is to make sure the vehicle reaches the emission standards.

Finally it is the law. For the reason’s above the MOT was introduced in 1988. Any car not carrying a valid MOT certificate is running the risk of severe penalties, not just a £1000 fine but also an invalidation of the vehicles insurance which can lead to 6-8 penalty points.

  • Make sure there are no unseen faults
  • Make sure the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Make sure it meets the emission standard
  • Make sure you’re car is legally allowed on the road

Professional MOT in Loughborough

At Carillon we only use the latest software and equipment to make sure that each vehicle that comes through our doors is rigorously checked and tested to the highest standard. With our advanced technology we perform the most highly reliable and accurate MOT tests in Loughborough.

Our expertly trained staff provide the best customer service and deliver top customer satisfaction. So if you are looking for an MOT in Loughborough book it with us today, for competitive rates and a top quality service.