Carillion’s Top 5 Winter Vehicle Checks

Sadly, it has to be said that we are seeing the last of the summer. Loughborough is getting frostier every day! What’s even more troubling, is the fact that you’re even more at risk of breaking down in the winter. This is without mentioning the increased likelihood of long delays, which definitely needs to be kept in mind when you’re working out what time to set off for work in the morning! All in all, driving in the winter can be a challenge! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. If you follow Carillion’s top 5 winter vehicle checks you’ll have all the information you need to keep from turning into a snowman! Even if the worst happens and you break down.

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Our Top 5 Important Winter Checks.

  • Battery Maintenance
    A car battery is statistically the main reason your car will fail in the winter. All batteries that are upwards of 5 years old are the most likely to let you down in the cold. That’s why it’s vital you get it checked regularly, and if required have it changed to side-step any preventable breakdowns this winter. Our vastly experienced mechanics in Loughborough will be more than happy to assist you with this. It’s a great way to diagnose any faults early, as it’s horrible being unable to get your car running on a frosty morning!

  • Keep an eye on those Tyres!
    3mm of tread on your tyres is the ideal, and this should be regularly checked. Winter tyres do provide additional safety too, if you’re worried. We would be more than happy to help you out if you have any queries regarding these or need a fitting. Also, remember that all these things can be caught nice and early with a regular service. So don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop by our garage. Our experienced mechanics will be more than happy to help you out.

  • Remember your Antifreeze!
    Motorists should monitor their antifreeze levels frequently to make sure you have the right amount, as well as having the right mixture. If you’re uncertain of the right mix, then don’t hesitate in dropping by and we will be able to sort out any issues you may have. Having the right level of antifreeze could be the difference when it comes to defrosting your windscreen on a cold winter morning!

  • Dealing with Frozen Locks and Doors
    The last thing you want when you’re running late for work is to be stuck outside your car. Well, a handy tip is to apply a coating of Vaseline or polish around any door seals. This will stop the cold icing them closed, very helpful when you are trying to get in your car on a morning! It’s the same with any locks, although instead of using Vaseline just spray some WD-40 in them and you’ll be in your vehicle in record time.

  • An Emergency Winter Kit
    In the winter, it is always best to expect the worst, even if you do follow our top 5 winter checks! That’s why you should always pack a few winter essentials in your vehicle to help you out if you do need them. The essentials are a phone and an in-car charger, so you can always ring for assistance if necessary. Other items you should include are a spade to clear debris and some carpet/bits of wood to give your wheels traction if you’re stuck. It’s important to wear the right clothes too, you shouldn’t have to rely on your vehicle’s heating system to keep you toasty

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