Looking for a Garage that does Car Servicing in Loughborough?

Do you need your Car Servicing in Loughborough? Contact Carillon Services. All of our mechanics are fully qualified, insured and have over 17 years of experience so that you can trust us to do the job. You will also be sure and confident you are receiving the best Car Servicing in Loughborough.

Car Service in Loughborough

Carillon Services in Loughborough

At Carillon Services, we have a fully qualified, experienced team of mechanics in Loughborough. We work in line with industry standard car and van servicing which includes;

  • A new oil filter and engine oil
  • A thorough inspection of the vehicle
  • A detailed report of the work carried out
  • A full guarantee of all car repairs carried out

We pride ourselves on giving you a prompt and efficient Car Service in Loughborough. We like to put our customers first by offering support and advice when it comes to helping you choose the best option. We don’t charge for unnecessary work and always explain what’s going on with your vehicle in simple terms – no jargon!

Any Car Services in Loughborough carried out by Carillon Services, do not affect your car manufacturer’s warranty and we will also stamp your book. We can also offer a car service + MOT package deal. For more information please contact us for more details.

If you’re looking for an affordable, trustworthy and reliable Car Servicing in Loughborough, then contact Carillon Services today. Call us on 01509 264749 or alternatively enquire here and we will be in touch.