Planning a long distance drive?

The summer months are well and truly underway and with the schools now broken up, many motorists are taking the opportunity to package the family up and go somewhere nice for a relaxing break. There are lots of great places to explore in the UK, so many people have decided to stay closer to home and take to the roads to find out where and what they are.

Whether you’re doing a trip to the coast, returning to a favourite UK holiday destination, or just visiting another part of the country that you haven’t seen before, if you’re planning a long distance drive, there are quite a few checks you can carry out on your vehicle to ensure the journey is a smooth one.

After all, with the RAC reporting a 20% increase in breakdown call outs during the hot weather, being stuck by the side of the road, instead of relaxing at your final destination, is something you might want to avoid.

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Problems summer brings

It’s commonly thought that the majority of car problems take place during the colder winter months, but you might be surprised by the problems summer brings for your car.

One of the greatest issues is your engine overheating, especially if you’re on a long drive. Overheating can cause extensive and costly damage to your engine, so it’s important to make the right checks before you set off. This includes checking your engine cooling fan is in proper working order, that you’ve checked your oil and coolant levels and possibly have your cooling system looked at. Also, keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge, to make sure it isn’t getting too hot.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot car, so the last thing you want is no air conditioning on your journey, especially if the weather is good. Check your air conditioning unit is working well and that the filters are clear, as you might be making greater use of it in the near future.

Tyres are another big issue, as hot roads and poor pressure can make weak spots more dangerous, even leading to blow outs on the road. While it’s important to check your tyre pressure regularly anyway, before a long journey make doubly sure that the tyre pressure and tread depth are correct.

Other things worth checking before you set off on a long trip are your fan belt, wiper blades and washer fluid levels, jack, wheel brace and spare tyre. Also, check that your dashboard warning lights are working properly and that your car battery is in good condition.

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Summer Servicing with Carillon

If carrying out some of these jobs seems like a foreign language to you, or you want the checks on your car to be made thoroughly by a professional before you leave, then you can get summer servicing with Carillon for added peace of mind.

Our AA trained staff will ensure your safety on the road and provide you with a service from fully qualified professional mechanics.

Save yourself hassle and get in touch today

To find out more about the excellent summer servicing that we can provide, save yourself the hassle of a breakdown on your trip away and get in touch today. We’re always delighted to help.