The Benefits of Car Servicing

When the car service warning light comes up on your car, it’s so easy to ignore it. After all, we all lead incredibly busy lives and the thought of another trip to the garage probably seems like a use of your time that you just don’t have.

But did you realise the benefits of car servicing are actually pretty numerous? You may feel that because your car has an MOT every year, that this is all it needs, but a service and MOT are actually completely different things.

While an MOT is a technical safety inspection that has a list of criteria to meet, a service will check for wear and tear on parts such as tyres and brakes, to see if and when they will become dangerous, as well as carrying out the sort of car maintenance jobs, that will keep it running for a lot longer and more safely.

It’s common sense that a car service will ensure you’re safer on the road – after all, an experienced mechanic can perform jobs such as an oil change, which, although small at the time, could build up to engine problems further down the line if not addressed.

A service will also save you money for this very reason, because when it’s a small job that needs doing, it’s a lot less expensive than the big job it could lead to.

Have Your Car Serviced at Carillon

It’s recommended that you have your car serviced at least once a year, approximately half way between MOTs.

When you have your car serviced at Carillon, you can be sure that it is in safe and experienced hands and that no work will be carried out on your vehicle without your permission and knowledge of the process.

We also pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, support and advice as well as a quick response time to any queries.

Contact Us Today – 10% Servicing Offer for April

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