Terraclean in Leicestershire

Get more from your vehicle with Terraclean in Leicestershire. With rising fuel costs, everyone wants to save money on petrol and diesel, whilst increasing the performance of your car or van. Improving fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and restoring your MPG (miles per gallon) with Terraclean in Leicestershire is the way to do it!

What is Terraclean?

Terraclean is a well-known cleaning/lubrication service which is available throughout the UK at approved service centres and mobile operators. The Terraclean Service involves removing carbon and other lacquers such as tar deposits which build up into your engine. As a result of this it restores vehicle efficiency, improves MPG and reduces harmful emissions. In addition to this Terraclean only uses high quality products and machinery, only supplied to qualified, registered Terraclean technicians, like all of us here at Carillon Services.

terraclean leicestershire

Don’t waste any more money on fuel!

How does Terraclean work?

We connect your vehicle up to one of our terraclean machines (petrol or diesel, depending on your car). The machine provides the fuel supply for your vehicle and use its integrated technology to remove the build-up of carbon whilst washing through deposits and build up in your engine. It works in a similar way to an engine remap, but is a less invasive, cheaper and often more cost effective option that doesn’t involve messing around with the Engine Control Unit.

The Benefits of Terraclean

By now you should have a good idea of what Carillon Services can offer regarding Terraclean in Leicestershire. What you may not realise is how it can benefit your vehicle (and your wallet!!)

• Restore fuel economy – the machine cleans the fuel injectors.
• Improvement of vehicle performance
• Extends fuel injector and fuel pump life – cleans and lubricates the fuel pump.
• Gives immediate drive-away difference – uses a unique decarbonising solution.

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