What is Terraclean?

There’s nothing like a good spring clean around this time of year to blow the cobwebs away and get things looking and feeling better, not to mention running more smoothly. But this sort of boost doesn’t only have to apply to your home. Have you ever thought about the benefits of giving your car engine a spring clean too?

With Terraclean we are able to offer one of the best ways to ensure that your engine is clean from the inside and free of any deposits that might build up and affect its performance.

But what is Terraclean?

It’s an advanced cleaning system which was developed by scientists in Canada that uses a unique decarbonising solution to clean the engine’s internal components and clear the engine. This might sound pretty straight forward, but the benefits of doing it for your car are pretty impressive.

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Don’t waste more money on fuel

How can Terraclean help your engine?

  • You’ll see improved vehicle performance and drivability.
  • It reduces carbon emissions, enabling a greener drive.
  • It will extend the life of your fuel injector and fuel pump, not to mention giving you greater fuel efficiency.
  • You’ll benefit from smooth idling as it increases lambda efficiency.
  • And you’ll see the difference the minute you drive away from having it done – it’s a much more pleasurable drive!

Carillon Services an authorised Terraclean Dealer Terraclean is so special it can’t be bought off the shelf and is only available through authorised dealers. As Carillon Services is an authorised Terraclean Dealer, our technicians can offer you this excellent service to help you achieve the sort of results from your car that you can be proud of.

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